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Jason Murphy is a Florida based Independant Filmmaker. Jason has produced a handful of projects in Florida, including 5 Feature Films.

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Making of...Monsters At Large

Reminiscing today about the wonderful time we had making our last feature "Monsters At Large". I couldn't have asked for a better cast & crew!! Huge thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!

Here is a look at the hard work we put into making this fun little movie!

(FYI, If you haven't seen it yet, there are Spoilers in this making of video)

Making of...Monsters At Large
Directed by Jason M. Murphy

Check out the trailer for the new movie "Extremity"!

Earlier this year, I completed the VFX for this cool new horror flick from director Anthony DiBlasi.
Dread Central Presents is giving the film a limited theatrical release beginning Sept. 28...and it will be released on Blu-Ray and VOD, October 2, 2018.
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VFX Supervisor Jason Murphy

Thank You!


Thanks to all the cast, crew, friends & family for all your support! We love seeing your posts about finding "Monsters at Large" on the shelves and in the wild! ;) So far, Walmart has been the main brick & mortar store to have it in stock, but a few have spotted it at a Best Buy here and there...I am told it will be hitting Redbox eventually as well, so stay tuned!