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Jason Murphy is a Florida based Independent Filmmaker. Jason has produced a handful of projects in Florida, including 5 Feature Films.

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The Secret Life of Puppets


Back when I was in film school, I got a job as a puppeteer at Walt Disney World, and later became a Puppet Specialist for the parks. While I loved the Muppets and pretty much everything "Henson" as a child, I never imagined that I would be involved in the world of puppetry. I actually ended up spending over 5 years at Disney, and that job/skillset led to performing in several tours and shows. I traveled the US puppeteering "Blue" from Blue's Clues, played "Bert" in a Sesame Street Mall Tour, and several other fun gigs from "Barney" to "Thomas the Tank Engine". I even had the chance to work with the real live Sesame Street gang when I worked on a Sesame Street 3D film which still shows today at Universal Studios in Japan.

Eventually, I took a step back from the puppets in order to get back to pursuing film production, but somehow the puppets always found a way back in. In my last feature "Monsters At Large", I was able to use puppets (and lean on my super talent puppeteer friends) in order to bring the monster to life. Something I would not have been able to do on such a tight budget strictly relying on visual effects.

Besides films, I have also directed a few live shows, and last year my worlds collided once again when I got to direct a Sesame Street Mall Tour called "F is for Friends"!

I look back fondly on my puppet days, and all the amazing/lifelong friends I made from that world...and I welcome my worlds colliding now and again!

I even discovered that there is a whole Muppet Wiki site and they know all about my secret puppet life!
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